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Blasting utilizes high-pressure air to propel particles (like sand, glass beads, or walnut shells) at a target surface. It’s often used to remove paint, rust, and corrosion from metal surfaces – like the frame of an old car – but it can also be used for other things like grinding down welds on a cast iron piece.

More info on blasting media: At Lincoln Center Manufacturing, we blast with garnet abrasive.  Garnet is a high-performance blast media, and is our preferred choice because of its non-toxic property.

Media blasting cleans metal of all old paint, grease spots, mill scale, and rust. Additionally, the abrasion creates a profile that helps the paint materials bond to the metal. Blasting is an effective way to resurface materials and products with refined quality. Blasting is a valuable process to a quality project, and at Lincoln Center, a cost-effective solution.

Our qualified and experienced staff will take care of your sandblasting project and deliver the result you are looking for. Call us today to get in touch with a blasting representative to talk about your ideas and obtain a quote for your needs!